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In today’s globalized world, where English has established itself as the language of international communication by excellence, more and more people around the world, such as students striving to study abroad, professionals who wish to expand their horizons and researchers who wish to become part of international projects, to name a few, have to eventually face the sometimes unsurmountable challenge of certifying their level of English with an international exam. So, one might ask oneself; what´s the big deal? If a candidate has had the proper training why should he or she doubt his or her ability to simply formalized that which he or she has learnt?


Well, unfortunately it is not that simple. Most evaluating houses have traditionally designed exams in their own unique fashions based on research projects and so on, which require long periods of preparation. But, the thing is that, those preparation programs are not devised to help candidates reach the linguistic and communicative level required… but more to decipher the logic behind the design of the exam and understanding the unique tasks which are quite challenging to figure out without previous preparation and analysis of the particular exam a candidate has to take.


That already on itself creates huge levels of anxiety. Not to mention the restrictions on available dates to take the exams, the totally outdated format in which they are delivered, the overpricing of these exams and on top of all, the fact that most are only valid for two years and then you have to begin the process all over again. So, one may reason, “oh well... it is the status quo, what can I do?”


Well, the good news is that now there are new and exciting options that are breaking the old paradigm and which are much more in line with the needs of the XXI Century global citizen… Hence, to meet the needs of candidates all over the world, enter Global Language Training with its GEP (Global English Proficiency) Exams.


These cutting-edge exams dramatically lower if not eliminate all the factors that generate such huge levels of anxiety on candidates who have the need to accredit their level of English. To begin with, GEP Exams are designed to be straight forward emulating real life communication environments without any confusing formats. GEP Exams are deployed on-line, available based on the candidates’ needs and testing centers availability, which is usually quite flexible. GEP English exams are internationally accredited tests, designed based on the latest international standards and yet they cost roughly a third of the traditional exams out there. Last but not least, Global Language Training’s GEP English exams do not require especial preparation… that’s right! As long as you have followed a standardized English pensum based on international standards, you simply need to take the GEP Exam based on the level you wish to accredit, and voila… your level is accredited for life, since GEP English exams do not have an expiration date.


For more information on this exciting new choice to accredit your level of English, you can visit www.itestenglish.com or request additional info at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Last modified on Thursday, 11 November 2021 05:18
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