GEP A1 Exam

Level A1 is described by the CEFR as the lowest level of generative language.

The GEP English Exam - A1 Exam tests the learner’s ability to interact in a simple way, ask and answer simple questions about themselves, where they live, people they know, and things they have.

The GEP A1 exam also tests a student’s capacity to initiate and respond to simple statements in areas of immediate need or on very familiar topics.

GEP A1 Exam- Grammar tested

  • Adjectives: common and demonstrative
  • Adverbs of frequency
  • Comparatives and superlatives
  • Going to
  • How much/how many and very common uncountable nouns
  • I’d like
  • Imperatives (+/-)
  • Intensifiers - very basic
  • Modals: can/can’t/could/couldn’t
  • Past simple of “to be”
  • Past Simple
  • Possessive adjectives
  • Possessive s
  • Prepositions, common
  • Prepositions of place
  • Prepositions of time, including in/on/at
  • Present continuous
  • Present simple
  • Pronouns: simple, personal
  • Questions
  • There is/are
  • To be, including question+negatives
  • Verb + ing: like/hate/love
  • GEP A1 Exam- Vocabulary tested
  • Food and drink
  • Nationalities and countries
  • Personal information
  • Things in the town, shops, and shopping
  • Verbs – basic

GEP A1 Exam- Topics of Conversation tested

  • Family life
  • Hobbies and pastimes
  • Holidays
  • Leisure activities
  • Shopping
  • Work and jobs

In general, the GEP A1 Exam tests the learner’s basic ability to communicate and exchange information in a simple way.

Example: the student can ask basic questions about menu items in a restaurant and understand simple answers.

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